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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The Xmas Edition *Digital Version | Int.

Disco Bingo The Xmas Edition *Digital Version | Int.

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25 or 50 different bingo cards to print or play digitally.

Bound at home? Feel like a party? No bingo cards at home? Then you order the digital cards from Disco Bingo. You will receive them immediately after you have ordered them. Never a dull moment in your life again!

Print them out and give one to all participants. Or send them digitally. Just depends on how you want to play Disco Bingo. Because the digital cards of our music bingos are also extremely suitable for online meetings. We've even developed a web version of the app for music (found at So that you can link it to your meeting with top quality. A detailed explanation is included with every order!

You can also order a paper set of this edition. Click here!

Also buy Disco Bingo The Game the board game for even more fun.

NB! Disco Bingo digital cards only consist of bingo cards. There are no Wheel / Cards of Shame included or other products as included in the game boxes. Of course there is a complete bingo to play with these bingo cards. You must distribute them yourself among your friends via WhatsApp or e-mail, if you are going to use them via video calling. And then come up with a fake bingo return yourself. You can also use them as a last minute addition to a regular game if you run out of cards right before you start playing the game. Always handy!

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