To play Disco Bingo, you need music. That is why we have created a free app, which contains all Disco Bingo editions with the accompanying playlist.

The Disco Bingo App is available in the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android). Press 'Play' in the app and choose which game you want to play. You can choose from the Pocket Box or the Big Box. If you play with digital cards, choose the Pocket Box. Swipe left to scroll through all editions. Then choose the edition you want to play. The app plays 30 seconds of the songs.
The Pocket Box also has a nice extra function on Android phones; you can shake your phone and the balls will spin automatically!
Click on the images below to download the app:


Do you decide to play Disco Bingo online with the digital bingo cards ? We have specially developed a Web-App for that! Play the music from the Web-App and link it to a video chat program. We recommend using Zoom.
How does it work? Order the digital bingo cards of an edition of your choice. Download the maps onto a computer. You will then get a folder in which all maps are separate as jpeg files. Send all participants a bingo card and an invitation to the Zoom meeting (via email or WhatsApp).
How to create a meeting in Zoom:
- Create an account on zoom.us
- Create a meeting
- Download the Zoom app
- Install the Zoom app
- The meeting then opens automatically
- Click on 'Join with computer audio'
- Launch the Disco Bingo Web App (click here: https://disco.bingo )
- Most browsers don't let you hear the first song (an automatic feature so you don't always hear music with every web page). Before you really get started, play a song in any edition first. Then go back and choose the edition you want to play with.
During the game:
- Share screen by clicking on the green button at the bottom (make sure 'Share Sound' is checked). Choose the right screen (of the browser with the Disco Bingo Web-App). Also set your browser to Full Screen so that all participants can see the Web-App properly.
Tips for better sound:
- Go to the microphone at the bottom left and go to 'Audio Settings'. Set 'Suppress background noise' to 'Low'
- Make sure ' Show in-meeting option to enable 'Original Sound' ' is enabled
- Turn off the Echo Cancellation in the settings (Audio > Show in-meeting option to enable 'Original Sound' > Echo cancellation)
Now everyone can hear the music clearly! Lots of fun!
More tips? We would like to refer you to the Zoom website for information about, among other things, creating a Zoom meeting. If you use another video chat, you can of course surf to the relevant site for more information.