Disco Bingo for your business


Disco Bingo is and remains the best gift. And suitable for playing at any time. The growing popularity of Disco Bingo The Game emphasizes that. Disco Bingo The Game and the separate extra editions can now also be sold in your store. Mail us for a fun collaboration: info@discobingo.com

Disco Bingo Business

Promotional gifts

Choose Disco Bingo as a promotional gift. You will festively surprise your colleague, client or business partner with an original gift such as Disco Bingo. Can of course be supplied with custom made sleeves, provided with your logo and/or text. Mail us for more information: info@discobingo.com

Christmas packages 🎄

Disco Bingo The Game is extremely suitable as a promotional gift. We can even provide the game with a custom made sleeve. So a jacket with your logo around the game. See example. Disco Bingo The Game is also great as a Christmas gift for your colleagues and staff. Contact us for more info: info@discobingo.com

Do you, as an entrepreneur, want to advertise on social media with the Disco Bingo products? Then download our press kit, for use on your own website, in your newsletter or other digital and social media channels.

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