Collection: Bingo cards by theme

3 + 1 FREE!

Go, go, go! We have so many bingo cards! Each with its own theme! For each his own. Each set has 25 cards and its own genre. And if you order 3 sets, you get the fourth one for free.

Have you already played the basic game Disco Bingo The Game with the two free sets and would you like something new? Supplementary sets have been developed for variety, each with its own theme. These are new playlists for which bingo cards have been created. You can order these as an addition to the game Disco Bingo The Game, or simply purchase them separately per set. The refill sets consist of 25 unique bingo cards (each set contains the same, different 25 cards).

If you order three supplement sets, you get the fourth one for free. This is automatically calculated in your shopping cart. So you don't have to do anything else for that! Order them quickly!