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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The Baby (Shower) Edition

Disco Bingo The Baby (Shower) Edition

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Complementary set of 25 different bingo cards for Disco Bingo The Game. Including giveaways!!

Are you organizing a baby shower soon? Then make sure this is the best shower ever. Because now Disco Bingo The Baby Edition is available! Any mama with a baby in her belly will relate to this list of songs. Because we have selected the sweetest songs about mom or dad. Or just fun children's songs. Or added an appropriate song or band in some other way. So turn that baby shower into a blast and play Disco Bingo.

And to make the party even more fun, we have already crossed out a few boxes per card.

Need more than 25 cards? Then order the digital version with 50 cards. You can print it out or send it digitally to your friends and family. Click here for the digital version!

Also order the base game to play even more fun editions!

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