What is Disco Bingo anyway?

Disco Bingo can best be described as a party game in which everyone plays the leading role. Of course it's bingo, so everyone receives a bingo card. It does not contain boring numbers, but your favorite pop songs. Play the music from the app and if you hear a song on your card, cross it off. With a full row you have bingo! Play on for the full card!


Designate one person as Bingo Master. He or she downloads the app, from which the music is played, each song for 30 seconds. Anyone with that song on their card can cross it off. When the row is full you have 'Disco Bingo'. The Bingo Master checks the bingo (with the help of the app) and if it is approved, you win that round (nice to buy and give away prizes yourself).


But... if the bingo is wrong, you have to perform one of the hilarious counter-performances. Draw one of the 'cards of shame' Then you might have to sing, play air guitar or one of the other (and a bit shameful) performances. Or you choose to let the winner use the counter-performances of his choice: the one with a full row first chooses someone who has to draw a shame card and perform the counter-performance. Or you can opt for a fun interpretation of the 'Cards of Shame'. For example, if everyone has bingo at the same time, everyone must draw a shame card. The best version wins (note: no shame cards are included with the digital versions).


You can also use the 'Cards of Shame' for double bingos. Both then perform the quid pro quo and the other contestants decide who did it best. This way you continue for 2 rows, 3 rows and finally a full card. Playing time varies, but on average about 40 minutes. So connect your phone to your speakers, put on a playlist and give everyone a bingo card. Hilarious evenings guaranteed!


We've put together a list of songs on YouTube to provide appropriate music for the rewards.

Go to: https://www.youtube.com/DiscoBingoTheGame


You can download the Disco Bingo App in the App Store or the Play Store. All game instructions can be found in the app. Choose the edition you want to play. Follow the instructions and the app will play 30 seconds of the songs.