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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The Halloween Edition

Disco Bingo The Halloween Edition

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Set with 25 or 50 different paper bingo cards.

Are you ready for our scariest playlist ever? No worries, Dries Roelvink is not in it. We are not sadists! Put on your Trump mask and make everyone shudder with this edition of Disco Bingo. Happy Halloween!

This edition is available in sets of 25 unique bingo cards, but also in sets of 50 cards! So now you can enjoy all the goodies that Disco Bingo has to offer with even more friends. What else do you want? Do it safely, of course!

Add these bingo cards to the basic game for even more fun! You can order the basic game 'Disco Bingo The Game' here!

This edition is also available in a digital version. Look under the tab DIGITAL VERSIONS.

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