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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The Original Game Box

Disco Bingo The Original Game Box

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The Game Box with everything you need to start with Disco Bingo. This game box contains Disco Bingo The Original Edition, 25 bingo cards filled with the best pop & disco from the 60's to the present day. And we have added another edition: Disco Bingo The Guilty Pleasure Edition. Nice wrong hits, again divided over 25 bingo cards.

A new party experience! Play Disco Bingo now, the game you know from the pub or from festivals, at home with friends and family. Or pimp your birthday with Disco Bingo and ban the boring circle birthdays. Everyone gets a bingo card filled with songs and artists instead of numbers. You play the music from the free app. Select the correct playlist and follow the instructions in the app. Go for the full list and you have Bingo! But beware: funny situations are lurking. With the shame cards you have to perform one of the 8 activities. For example, with false or double bingos. Or simply designate someone as the winner who can play the joker. Hilarious evenings guaranteed.

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