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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The Dutch Edition

Disco Bingo The Dutch Edition

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Set with 25 different paper bingo cards.

Disco Bingo The Dutch Edition... 'Huh?', I hear you say, 'Isn't there already The Holland Edition?' That's right! But The Holland Edition consists of Dutch songs. And this edition consists of English songs from Dutch soil. If you understand what I mean. So English songs made and sung by Dutch people. With, for example, Golden Earring, Krezip, Anouk and Shocking Blue. Just a really nice playlist.

Add these bingo cards to the basic game for even more fun! You can order the basic game 'Disco Bingo The Game' here!

This edition is also available as a digital set of cards. You can download it right away and print it yourself. Click here for that!

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