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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The 90's Game Box

Disco Bingo The 90's Game Box

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- The 90s Edition and

- The 90s Dance Edition

The Nineties! Engrained in memory for many of us. For many others among us a source of inspiration. Full of tasty and wrong hits. From The Spice girls to Shaggy to Spin Doctors to Hanson to Nirvana. All those hits can be found in this box full of fun.

And besides the best of the 90s, you will find another edition with bingo cards full of 90s dance hits. Just a step tastier and yes... also wrong. 90s acts like 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, Dr. Alban, Charly Lownoise and Metal Theo, Captain Jack and 2 brothers on the fourth floor are on your personal bingo card.

The game includes Disco Bingo The Nineties Edition, 25 bingo cards filled with those best pop hits of the 90s. And we've added another edition with 25 different ones: Disco Bingo The 90s Dance Edition. Including the shame cards to really fill your evening. Full of funny and a bit embarrassing assignments, such as playing air guitar, dancing, singing, etc. Use the cards for false but certainly also for good bingos. Or make it a battle if you have a double bingo. This box contains even more extras, order it quickly!

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