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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The 2020 Edition

Disco Bingo The 2020 Edition

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Complementary set of 25 or 50 different bingo cards for Disco Bingo The Game. Including giveaways!!

What a year, 2020! A rollercoaster because of the known virus. He messed everything up. We're at home more, so we also play more Disco Bingo. That again. The music has done well, because there are again great bangers in between. Enjoy this list.
And we've done something special this time: each card contains two so-called giveaways: two boxes have already been crossed out (it has a very appropriate virus on it). And speaking of a virus: the old Doe Maar cover from 4US in combination with a Coronaatje seemed appropriate ;-) Hooray for 2020!

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a complete game, but extra bingo cards for Disco Bingo The Game can be ordered.

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