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Disco Bingo

Club Bingo Membership • Incl. The Game Box and 12 Editions + Special Secret Edition!

Club Bingo Membership • Incl. The Game Box and 12 Editions + Special Secret Edition!

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Join The Club!

Do you have Disco flowing through your veins? Don't want to miss any new edition this year? Then subscribe now to the one and only Disco Bingo Membership! With no less than 50% DISCOUNT on everything you get with this exclusive membership !

Guaranteed for a year of every new edition, automatically sent to you every month. Yes, you read that right, we will release a new edition in the webshop every month in 2023! And you no longer have to order them separately, but you will automatically receive them in your mailbox. So with a 50% discount!

And that's not all, because as a VIP subscriber you also receive the one and only Disco Bingo tote bag and of course The Original Game Box. And... a SPECIAL EDITION! Which one that will be is still Top Secret.

In addition, as our special Disco VIP, you can order everything in the webshop with a 20% discount throughout 2023 (with the exception of the 3 + 1 promotion). And you get a free ticket for the Disco Bingo 10 years live event! More on that later.

We will be launching the following editions this year:
- The Carnival Edition
- The Top 2000 Edition
- The 21/22 edition
- The Kids' 23 Edition
- The TikTok Edition
- The Party Edition
- The Zeroes Edition
- The 22/23 Edition
And we'll keep the rest as a surprise...

All together a value of almost €170! Take advantage of this offer now, there are only a few spots available. This offer is valid until April 1 (no kidding).

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