Hoe maak je er een nog groter knalfeest van?

How do you make it an even bigger party?

The Disco Bingo App allows you to play from your phone. That means, logically, that you can play the music from an external speaker. With Bluetooth you can connect your phone to any Bluetooth speaker! So make it a blast and play the music on the best bluetooth speakers!

And go one step further: play the music on a party box. What is the difference? A party speaker has, among other things, the possibility to connect a microphone. So from now on the Bingo Master presents the Disco Bingo with the allure of a real showmaster. And what about the fake bingos? The songs are simply sung through the microphone. The sky's the limit!

There are countless good bluetooth speakers in various price ranges. We recommend speakers from JBL, Ultimate Ears, Sonos and Sony. But there are many more of excellent quality.

This also applies to the party boxes. One of the absolute TOP party speakers slash karaoke machines is the Partybox On-The-Go from JBL. You can find it here: https://tinyurl.com/25psknsy

Disco Bingo Party speaker

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