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Disco Bingo

Wheel of Shame

Wheel of Shame

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The turntable with arrow. This lifts your bingo to a higher level and makes the game even more fun. Turn the arrow and see where it ends. Maybe on the microphone, which of course means that a song has to be sung. But also dancing, air guitar, quiz question and much more.

Use the Wheel of Shame on fake bingos to determine the return. Or double bingos and let the one with bingo battling to win the round. But winners can also spin the wheel and thus determine who is put for joker. Playing together is partying together.

The Wheel of Shame is printed on Yupo, which is plastic paper. Tear-resistant and waterproof. So it can take a lot of bumps and is as light as a feather.

The Wheel of Shame is included with the basic game, but can also be ordered separately. Including shipping costs.

You can order the base game here.

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