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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo The Girls VS. Boys Game Box

Disco Bingo The Girls VS. Boys Game Box

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- The Holland Edition and

- The Dutch Edition

As a real Dutchman you are naturally not into hits from your own soil. We have therefore put together this package for you with the best Dutch hits of the past 40 years. A mix for young and old. In addition, we also have Dutch singers who put the Dutch spotlight in English. Only recognizable songs and sing-alongs. Make it a party with this package, ideal for the Dutch evening or, for example, as a warm-up for a good football match at home!

This box contains two sets of 25 unique paper bingo cards each:
- Disco Bingo The Holland Edition , with Bløf, Acda and De Munnik and Davina Michelle, among others.
- Disco Bingo The Dutch Edition , with hits from Chef' Special, Krezip and Anouk, among others.
Of course, the pubic cards have also been added for even more fun. Use them to have someone perform the best actions with a good, false or double bingo.

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