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Disco Bingo

Disco Bingo De Family Box

Disco Bingo De Family Box

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You can also play Disco Bingo with the kids during Sinterklaas. Hence this special Sint Box.
This box contains no less than two sets of 25 unique paper bingo cards each:
- Disco Bingo The Kids Edition , with hits from Fast, Moon, Baby Shark and Kids for kids.
- Disco Bingo The Original Edition , with hits from Abba, Barry White, Madonna, George Michael and Daft Punk, among others.
Of course, the pubic cards have also been added for even more fun. Use them to have someone perform the best actions with a good, false or double bingo.

Or as a variant of the old dice game during Sinterklaas evening. A new alternative: throw in a Disco Bingo and everyone who has a song on their card that is being played can take a present. Two people with a song at the same time? Then draw a shame card and battle for that prize!!

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